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PanzerGlassTM influencer campaign by HaveYouHeard a ‘smashing’ success

An influencer campaign trialed for PanzerGlass™ by insights-driven communication agency, HaveYouHeard, in Durban has been a ‘smashing’ success.

A provider of world-class screen protectors for mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and smartwatches, PanzerGlass™ briefed HaveYouHeard to create awareness for the brand within a clearly defined market to inform its national launch.

The resultant ‘Hammerday’ campaign involved collaborating with five influencers selected for their influence over the brand’s target segments. To drive brand awareness about PanzerGlass™, they shared visual content on their Instagram accounts showcasing the importance of their smartphone in their Lives as well as stories of their broken screen experiences to highlight the product benefits and USPs that were relevant to their lifestyles.

Key was the Hammerday event at a local PanzerGlass™ retailer where the strength of the PanzerGlass™ was demonstrated by beating handsets, fitted with PanzerGlass™, with a hammer. To drive engagement, the influencers encouraged their followers to share their own broken screen stories and photos in the comments section and InstaStories using the campaign hashtag, for an opportunity to receive a free prize.

The low-key trial campaign generated 125 influencer mentions of the hashtag #NothingBeatsPanzerGlass which resulted in 110 411 opportunities to see and 182 unique engagements. A sentiment analysis showed that 61% of the overall engagements were neutral and 29% were positive.

“We are extremely happy with the results of this trial campaign,” said HaveYouHeard Co-Founder, Jason Stewart. “Not only did the influencers greatly enjoy the Hammerdays and being able to make a true testimony of the benefits of the product, it provided several learnings that we’ll incorporate into the national roll-out going forward.”

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