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FCB Joburg, HelloFCB+ and Hellocomputer clients shine in 2019 Top Brands lists

FCB Joburg, HelloFCB+ and Hellocomputer clients shone in this year’s Sunday Times Top Brands survey with 16 brands achieving a spot in 15 categories, two of them business.

The brands are Coca-Cola, Toyota and Sprite for FCB Joburg and Hellocomputer; Bonitas, Debonairs Pizza, Mrs Balls, KOO, Nivea, Sasol, Sunlight and Tastic for FCB Joburg; Old Mutual Group and Old Mutual Insure for Hellocomputer; and Capfin (Pep and Ackerman stores), Albany and Nivea for HelloFCB+.

“I’m very pleased to see such a widespread of clients and brands making the lists, and across such a number of different categories. This is a phenomenal performance proving their professionalism and commitment to South African consumers and, in the case of those making the Grand Prix lists, to issues that are important to those consumers,” said Group CEO, Brett Morris.

“For most of these brands this is not their first time achieving Grand Prix status, nor making the category lists. Consistency and commitment, staying the distance, is vital when it comes to brand building, and these 16 brands have certainly proved they’ve got what it takes to deliver.”

Drilling down deeper into the results showed that FCB Joburg’s clients accounted for the three major awards in the consumer section of the survey with KOO again receiving the Grand Prix as the Overall Favourite Brand, and Coca-Cola taking the Social Investment Award and the Green Award for the third time.

There were three FCB Joburg clients on the Overall Favourite Brand list (KOO – 1, Coca-Cola – 2 and Tastic – 6), three FCB Joburg clients of the Green Award Index list (Coca-Cola – 1, Tiger Brands – 6 and Sasol – 10), the same three FCB Joburg clients on the Social Investment Index (Coca-Cola – 1, Tiger Brands – 7 and Sasol – 10) and two of the agency’s clients on the Proudly South African Brand Index (Sasol – 8 and KOO – 9).

Further, the following clients were ranked top in their consumer categories: Nivea (Make-Up and Face Care, Old Mutual Group (Long-Term Insurance/Hellocomputer & Publicis), Tastic (Essential Foods), Old Mutual Insure (Short-Term Insurance/Hellocomputer & Publicis), Capfin (Micro-lenders), Sunlight (Laundry Care), and Coca-Cola (Soft Drinks), and KOO (Tinned Foods).

Other brands in the group achieving number 2 positions in either consumer or business categories included Toyota (Cars), Debonairs Pizza (Fast-Food Restaurants), Albany (Essential Foods), Nivea (Personal Care), and Bonitas (Medical Aid).

The following achieved rankings in their categories: Sasol (Petrol Stations), Sprite (Soft Drinks), and Old Mutual Group (Long-Term Insurance – business/Hellocomputer & Publicis).

Based on the performance of the group’s clients’ overall performance, FCB Africa was the runner up – by just two points – for the Robyn Putter Award. The group has won the award on four other occasions. This recognises the contributions made by creative agencies in support of winning brands, with the winner decided on a points system, based on the performance of its clients in the survey.

Morris also praised the teams partnering with the group’s clients on these brands saying the number of and broad range demonstrates the group’s experience and depth, which obviously translates into adding value for its clients and brands.

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