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Level 3 advertising shoot protocols to be discussed in industry wide conference

The Advertising Industry was given the all clear at the start of May to return to the workplace following updated Directions published by the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies in the Government Gazette. Under Level 3 restrictions, the economy has been given a further boost and economic activity across a broader range of industries is now allowed.

The relaxed restrictions included the film industry, which were, and are subject to restrictions and protocols as Gazetted. These include abiding by a set of industry protocols (See CPA Protocols As we head into Level 3, it is still the case that all legal parameters have to be adhered too (no access to beaches and parks for example) during this time too. As Government changes the levels of lockdown, so the industry can adjust to what is Gazetted with regard to public spaces and general rules.

On Wednesday 27th May, the Association for Communication and Advertising held a joint meeting with the Commercial Producers Association of South Africa to discuss the logistics of shooting under Level 3 restrictions, the importance of adhering to regulations and highlighting the importance of support for the local production sector.

Specific topics covered client concerns and insurance, creative considerations, pitching, additional budget required for COVID-19 compliance, CPA Protocols and other relevant industry protocols among others.

A follow up online conference is to be held on Wednesday 10th June from 10h30 – 12h00 in order to assist and guide interested parties in making sense of the regulations. Understanding the regulations is absolutely critical as failure to adhere to them will jeopardise not only the production company and advertising agency who will be seen as operating recklessly, but risk the entire industry’s ability to do business at level 3.

Critically, the CPA requests that all Agencies and Clients to be aware of protocols when working on the

creative / script for a shoot in order to mitigate any losses that could possibly be incurred should the shoot flout the regulations. Furthermore, the additional protocols will add costs to any production and the time required on set to fulfil the protocols also needs to be taken into consideration.

To this end, within the context of its #ACACaresCOVID19 platform, the ACA urges all relevant advertising agency personnel, from creatives and client service, to strategists and management to attend the meeting in order to be brought up to speed and receive clarity and understanding of the Government/CPA agreement in respect of film shoots.

To RSVP for the meeting, please email

Should any further clarification on the meeting be required, please contact the ACA on (010) 880-3399 or mail

About the ACA

The ACA is the official, representative body for the Communications and Advertising profession in South Africa, representing agencies in the profession (who at present contribute approximately 95% of South Africa’s measured ad spend) to government, media and the public. The ACA is a voluntary body formed by and for the industry, focused on and committed to self-regulation and to defending the highest standards of ethical practice.

For more about the ACA visit or call the ACA on (010) 880 3399

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