Outdoor Network Is Flipping The Switch On Load-Shedding

Over two hundred days of load-shedding are predicted this year. Businesses have been hit hard by the rolling power cuts and the digital marketing sector in particular has been impacted by the disruptions. The OOH landscape is feeling the loss of audiences during peak time travel which in turn affects advertisers who are re-looking their ad spend during the electricity crisis. It’s a challenging landscape but businesses like Outdoor Network, a Provantage company, are taking steps and adapting to ensure the impact on digital billboards is decreased.


Outdoor Network its tapping into an alternative power source to ensure that its digital billboards give advertisers the best deal and a return on investment even during load-shedding. The company is on a mission to have all rotator digital billboards across South Africa switched on even during rolling power cuts. Director at Provantage Shamy Naidu says the full-scale rollout plan is in motion and is expected to be completed before June this year.  “Locations have been selected across South Africa’s major economic hubs and will be operational during peak hours to give advertisers the promised engagement,” says Naidu.


All selected digital billboard sites are compliant with municipal by-laws. This highlights how Outdoor Network is innovating to deliver to advertisers while always following the rule book. Naidu says while agencies are strained under the pressure of persistent load-shedding, Outdoor Network is committed to ensure that the digital billboards are always on. He says that that advertisers are guaranteed key metrics like campaign performance and engagements as the full-scale alternative power programme for digital is in full swing.


Outdoor Network is dedicated to finding solutions to ensure that its business as usual during the rolling outages.  Naidu said that this is the perfect time for advertisers to see the company’s full capabilities. “While other digital billboards could be off during load-shedding, our digital billboards will be prominent and operational making us accessible and able to deliver on engagements and impacts,” concludes Naidu.

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