Nielsen Sports SA appoints Technical and Innovations Director

Nielsen Sports South Africa, a leader in sponsorship media valuation data analytics, has appointed Eddie Roux — formerly Head of Automation at Nielsen Sports SA and a veteran expert in data analytics — to the newly created Technical and Innovations Director position. This signals an operational shift towards a more technologically driven organisation in a climate of innovation and rapid technological growth.

Eddie Roux, Nielsen Sports SA Technical and Innovations Director
Eddie Roux, Nielsen Sports SA Technical and Innovations Director

In recent years, Nielsen Sports SA has increased its forward-thinking focus on internal process automation to maintain its state-of-the-art analytics offerings. Having been on the Nielsen Sports SA team for 18 years, Roux has a wealth of combined media analysis and market research experience. He discusses his position in Nielsen’s contemporary new structure:

“As I’ve witnessed Nielsen Sports SA’s evolution over the last 18 years, we have consistently focused on exploring innovative avenues to do things better and faster, finding solutions to ensure we offer our clients accurate, actionable insights by harnessing the latest technology.

“This includes using our unique sponsorship evaluation model to calculate visual quality scores, data flow automation to improve database management across both media analysis and market research, developing online reporting tools and dashboards and fully integrating various generative AI tools for data analysis and reporting. I am excited to be part of this new and evolving chapter in our business and see it expand further and continue to offer world-class products.”

Amy Daley, Chief Operations Officer, comments, “The creation of the Technical and Innovations Director role formalises our strategic focus on technology, which is constantly evolving to improve processes, enhance efficiency through automation and ultimately, provide the best possible service to our clients.

“Eddie has been an integral part of the team for almost two decades, demonstrating exceptional dedication and expertise throughout his journey with the company. This promotion is a testament to his leadership and knowledge of our evolving market.”

“We actively review and refine our processes for improved efficiency. Eddie’s new position will significantly transform our operations, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and deliver high-quality work with added layers of accuracy. His promotion also creates opportunities for other shifts and growth within our team, allowing us to continue recognising and advancing our talented staff.”

Tumelo Selikane, Managing Director, adds, “As an industry leader, it is imperative that we keep our fingers on the pulse of new innovations and standards emerging in our sphere of expertise.

Over the last year, Nielsen Sports SA has implemented significant strategic structural and operational changes that have set it apart from its competitors. The company’s comprehensive sponsorship media valuation approach leverages data and insights to maximise opportunity and provide greater ROI to rights holders and brands.

Keeping its finger on the pulse amid paradigm shifts, such as the rise of streaming and notable shifts in marketing delivery mechanisms, remains its core focus. As Eddie Roux assumes his new role, the company is set to pioneer new ways of captivating brands and other relevant stakeholders.

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