Media habits of Generation Z versus Millennials

In a South African context, we take an objective look at the real media differences between Millennials (age 24 to 32) and Generation Z (under age 24).

Upfront, it’s fair to say that these are rather general terms and there is no one conclusive definition of exactly what age these groups should be. If we look at grouping their habits (a good way of segmenting) then the definition of over/under 24yrs old works well for the SA and SSA market.

  • Twitter and Instagram are notably more popular amongst the older Millennials while the younger Gen Z’s are more in to Snapchatting
  • Gen Z, across the board, is more digitally connected to new media – podcastsstreaming music and streaming TV and illegal downloading of torrents
  • Millennials are still quite old-school with the way they watch TV. Gen Z’s are far more likely to be cable cutters watching more of their TV online.

Gen Z’s go to a little more cinema than Millennials but Millennials are definitely consuming more of old-world broadcast, print and outdoor than their juniors.

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