House of Brave Lites up Namibia with new Tafel Lite TVC

Namibia Breweries’ Tafel Lite, launched in Namibia one year ago, has released a new TVC geared to attract a new generation of young, proudly Namibian, adults.

House of Brave, together with Director Jono Hall of Darling Films, shot the ad on location in Windhoek, with the view of capturing the brand attitude and ensuring local authenticity.

HOB Strategic Director Rob van Rooyen says: “Namibians are proud of their Namibian-ess and react well to brands that recognise and celebrate the new generation of Namibians.”

Van Rooyen says recent market studies indicate a surge in consumers seeking an ‘everyday premium’ beer that is more stylish and extroverted: “The digital age has ensured that consumers everywhere are part of a global village. Young Namibians are gravitating towards brands who are at the forefront of change and adapt to evolving lifestyle needs.”

The challenge was to create an iconic brand that disrupts the traditional beer segment in Namibia and attract the ‘younger’, more progressive audience of the Tafel brand.

HOB Executive Creative Director Vanessa Pearson says: “Tafel Lite is a progressive brand that celebrates a new generation of Namibians. Our message centers around the idea that they believe that ‘their light comes from within’ and the future is what they make it. They are a generation born with an undying optimism and have a fresh approach to all that they do. This sentiment is underpinned in the positioning line we developed, Lite Up Tomorrow.”

The commercial tells the story of a young, determined musician on a mission to capture the vibrant energy and spirit of Windhoek. As he wanders the streets, alive with inspiration in every sight and every sound, he stops to record the many magical moments on his mobile – from a saxophonist to a beat-boxer, a vocalist to a drummer, as well as the clapping of supporters to the squeaking takkies of a kwaito hip-hop dancer.

The narrative continues into his home recording studio where he edits together the many audio and video clips he has collected into a vibey music video. The ad culminates in all the ‘stars’ that inspired this dynamic music video, celebrating their talents, their passion and their success, as it is screened on a wall at his loft apartment.

Pearson concludes: “The brand, and the TV ad, is all about Namibians creating a better future by doing what they love, and loving what they do.”

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