Challenges facing marketers, creative and media agencies in the changing digital environment – identified by AGENCY SCOPE South Africa 2017/2018

Analysis shows that alignment between the challenges identified for marketers and those for agencies relate to the need to have clear metrics and to be able to generate ROI (return on investment). Also, for marketers and agencies, the most mentioned challenges are to deliver bigger creative ideas and be more innovative. This is according to SCOPEN AGENCYSCOPE 2017/18.

“This is a reflection of the changing digital environment, where consumers’ shopping, spending and consumption habits are constantly changing”, comments Cesar Vacchiano, Global CEO and co-Founder of SCOPEN.

Further analysis shows a relationship between the challenges that marketers and their agencies are facing.

Comments Johanna McDowell, Partner for SCOPEN Africa and CEO of the Independent Agency Search & Selection Company (IAS), “Two years ago in our 2016 results, consumer knowledge was the most mentioned challenge. This year, adapting to budgets, differentiation, reinvention and expertise in digital are the most mentioned challenges by marketers.”  In other words, challenges that are being faced by marketers are in turn being pushed onto their agencies to find solutions – both digital and financial.

According to marketers, their upcoming challenges are to have a better understanding of their markets and the media they should be utilizing to reach their markets. When agencies respond they mention they need to use more and have a better understanding of digital media, to be more creative and innovative and to be more precise in terms of ROI.

For media agencies, ROI, clarity of metrics, digital expertise and the proper use of tools and data are the most mentioned challenges for the next 12 months. 22% of marketers believe that a better performance in metrics (ROI), digital and a better understanding of tools and measurement are the biggest challenges for the future.

For creative agencies 17.7% of marketers believe the biggest challenge agencies are facing is the need to adapt to low client budgets and proving ROI. This was also the case in other markets, notably the UK, Brazil, Mexico and Spain.

For marketers 28.9% of marketers believe that the biggest challenge facing them is proving ROI and the effectiveness.

McDowell concludes, “ROI and efficiency are listed among the top challenges for both marketers and agencies, which can be attributed to additional challenges for marketers related to budget adjustments.”

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