There’s nothing vanilla about Sundays with Ads24

Whether your tastes range to dark chilli and chocolate, or you prefer to keep it lighter with jelly and custard, Ads24’s series of Sunday Sundae’s activations, which kicked off at The MediaShop on Tuesday last week, aims to show that there’s nothing vanilla about Sundays.

With 4.1-million readers (that’s 54% of Sunday readers) across its titles – Rapport, City Press, Son op Sondag and Sunday Sun –  Ads24’s readers come from every sector of South African society, which means there is a receptive audience hungry for your brand. What’s more their integrated, multiplatform offerings mean you can customise your ad campaign with a variety of creative toppings.

Speak to Ads24’s about how their range of titles and toppings can sweeten your Sunday campaign

To illustrate this concept, Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream, served up artisanal, gourmet flavours to best describe Ads24’s Sunday titles Rapport (cinnamon and milktart), City Press (dark chilli and chocolate), Son op Sondag (Rooibos honey and vanilla with glazed koeksister chunks) and Sunday Sun (jelly and custard) – together with a variety of delicious toppings from popcorn to caramel, hundreds and thousands to jellytots and chunks of chocolate.

In addition to the feast, agency staff was encouraged to share a photo of themselves on social media, enjoying their favourite flavor of Sunday. And, by entering a fun online quiz (, they stand a chance to win a four night getaway to The Wilderness on the Garden Route.

The point of the Sunday Sundaes campaign is to showcase the reach of Ads24’s Sunday titles across print, digital and social platforms. By leading agency staff from the activation – where a physical menu demonstrates how you can pick and mix between the title’s print and digital offerings, and add toppings (from advertorial to mobile, social media to section sponsorship and more) – to posting on social media before moving online for the competition, the campaign educates through a practical demonstration of how multi-platform solutions can heighten the experience.

“The idea behind Sunday Sundae’s is to show that no matter what the palate of a brand’s preferred audience – be it fresh and fun loving or ambitious and sophisticated – we have a South African title to designed to bring your brand into the hands of our readers,” said Marise van der Lith, Brand Manager for Ads24. “You can build your ultimate Sunday campaign across a title, or combination of titles, with any number of toppings across their print and digital platforms.”

Speak to your Ads24 representative to see how we can help sweeten your brand’s campaign.

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