The Outdoor Measurement Council (OMC) releases latest ROAD data

The Outdoor Measurement Council (OMC) has announced the release of the fourth data set of its ROAD audience data which will take place virtually on the 20th October. ROAD is one of the largest sets of research in the market boasting a rolling sample of a massive 45,000 respondents.

Entitled ‘Navigating the Future’ the launch features international guest speaker, Kym Frank, President of GEOpath, the Out of Home measurement, joint industry council equivalent from the United States of America. Kym will provide an update on OOH measurement procedures from around the globe, the impact of Covid-19 on the industry, an update on DOOH (digital OOH) in different markets and much more.

Lauren Shapiro, Managing Partner of Kuper Research, Lélanie Butler, Acting Sales and Marketing at JCDecaux and an OMC board member and Trish Guilford, OMC’s General Manager complete the line-up.

“Lauren will be presenting our new data and highlighting the changes and other interesting information found in our new data as our technical overseer,” says Trish, “while Lélanie will be presenting an update on South Africa’s DOOH (digital OOH) measurement processes.”

Trish will provide an update on OMC’s accomplishments over the past few months and explain the processes followed to get the latest ROAD data released. “We encourage our current and potential members of the OMC, as well as our media agency and media owner partners and clients to take full advantage of this webinar. It provides a great opportunity to hear from Kym, Lauren and Lélanie and to get first hand updates of the efficacy of the Out of Home platform from around the globe.

The OMC is South Africa’s premier Out of Home industry research body and we pride ourselves on sharing the most up to date metrics and data sets to our members to ensure accurate planning with detailed audience insights,” she says.

To register for the webinar simply visit

For more information on the OMC follow @SouthAfricaOMC on Twitter or find OMC Out of Home Measurement Council on Facebook.

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