HelloFCB+ and the Western Cape Government Department of Education inspire 2020 matrics to #CommitToFinish their matric year

With the school year disrupted as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, the Western Cape Government Department of Education is urging the 2020 matric class not to give up with its #CommitToFinish campaign.

Created by HelloFCB+, the campaign strives to inspire learners to make a commitment to themselves to finish their 2020 matric year by showing them that it’s something their future selves will look back on and thank them for.

Western Cape Minister of Education, Debbie Schäfer, said: “Every year, after the mock exams, we find our matrics sometimes get demotivated if they don’t do as well as they should. Of course, with this year’s added stress of COVID-19 and school closures, and so on, it’s even more difficult. The intention is to encourage them to not give up on themselves.”

The campaign, which shows three matric learners sending a thank you message to themselves as the aging effect used on their faces makes it appear as if it were their older selves speaking, also invited learners to make a commitment to themselves to finish matric their matric year and help inspire others to #CommitToFinish too.

You can view the executions here:






It not only reached over 345 000 people, it went a step further by supporting matrics with exam and study resources to help them prepare for their final exams. They were also sent messages of encouragement to help them stay focused and committed through to the end.

“We wanted to remind matric students that although they might not be motivated to finish their school year now, someone will be very thankful they did in the future – their older selves,” said HelloFCB+ Chief Creative Officer, Mike Barnwell.

“Our human insight led us to the idea of using an ageing app which teens already use for fun to share this essential message and then personally commit to finish. We hope that by making a public commitment, it will give students the motivation they need to complete the year,” he said.

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