The Marketing Research Foundation announces first MAPS data

The Marketing & Research Foundation (MRF) is pleased to announce the availability of the latest Media and Product Survey (MAPS) data, the most comprehensive brands and products research in South Africa. The MRF will be hosting a virtual webinar to introduce MAPS to the media, marketing and advertising industry on Thursday, 25 March 2021.

“This is the first iteration of the MAPS data that encompasses six months of data, July through to December 2020,” says CEO, Johann Koster. “Through MAPS, subscribers and their agencies will have access to some of the most comprehensive brand and product research, being able to track more than 1500 brands, including FMCG, appliances, retail and clothing outlets and fast food/casual dining categories to name a few.”

Not only does MAPS cover products and brands, but also includes intermedia comparisons and a host of consumer behaviour measures. The questionnaire has been modernised and re-engineered to marketer’s current needs, making it a big step-up from the old AMPS. There are several innovations in the new data such as insight into multi-platform behaviour and decision-making questions while the survey is geo-codable to enable a regional view of the data.

Some new metrics have also been included for the first time. These include details on stokvels – their participation, usage and profiles of the participants; liquor purchases – brands, outlets and consumption; malls – preferred malls and frequency of visits, brand loyalty and online purchase patterns. According to Koster, liquor consumption, particularly in the context of the pandemic makes for some very interesting reading!

MAPS 6 Months data introduction to the industry

Where:            Virtual Webinar – (Passcode: 274861)

Date:               Thusday, 25 March 2021

Time:               Webinar will start at 10:00

“The new survey and resulting data ushers in the return of insights and comparisons in a single timeframe across products, brands, media interaction and a host of consumer behaviour and beliefs,” concludes Koster. “We look forward to seeing everyone online on 25 March at 10:00 as we introduce the hottest research since, well, ever!”

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