Who is the Coolest OG?

In this first-to-TV production, 12 of the Coolest OG’s are competing for a R100 000 grand prize by going through a series of fun and really cool challenges to see if they are truly THEE COOLEST OG.

Contestants will go through different challenges in each episode to see who will ultimately win the title of Coolest OG at the end of the season. Each contestant has been sent a package containing a phone on which they will receive instructions for their weekly challenges.

The series allows viewers to see how elderly people from various cultural backgrounds compete against people of similar age.

Their lounges are transformed into mini studios so they can compete from the comfort and safety of their own homes, sometimes with the help of an influencer or their family members.

The OG’s have never met the other contestants and have no idea how each has performed in the various tasks ranging from cooking, modelling, song writing, music videos, gaming, art, acting and other really cool challenges.

The Coolest OG’s will be adjudicated by four young judges. Each week the judges watch and discuss how each contestant has performed before eliminating a contestant based on their performance and swag.

“Just because you’re older doesn’t mean that you’re not lit! The older generation can also be cool and have a lot to teach us. We can say the same for the younger generation when it comes to teaching the older folk a thing or two!” says Gail Hoffmann Parrish, co-founder of marketing integration company G2 Connection. “This show is a social experiment but it’s also terrific insight into the older and younger generations which will of course lead to spectacular and unforgettable TV moments.

We have loads of integration opportunities for brands in the telecommunication, fashion, food, automotive, music, lifestyle and entertainment categories,” she says.

The show airs from 6 June on SABC 2 on Sunday’s nights from 18h30 to 19h30 with repeats on Sunday afternoons.

“Brand options for sponsors include opportunities on all forms of content generation, digital and social media, radio, working with influencers and much more,” says Gail. “This is one of the most exciting shows to hit our screens.

Whatever your communication and media strategy is, there is a suitable fit within the show!”

If you would like to be a part of this extraordinary journey please contact Gail Hoffman Parrish at gail@g2connection.co.za

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