FoxP2 continues to live up to Number 1 Scopen ranking

FoxP2 continues to live up to its Number 1 ranking for effective creativity in the 2019/2020 Scopen report with an impressive performance in the 2020/2021 Marketing Achievement Awards, including a first place in the Excellence in Brand Positioning category for FNB.

This campaign, which positioned FNB as a ‘one-stop-shop’ integrated financial services provider, covered all aspects of the FNB retail offering from in-branch and online help, to the FNB online platforms, to wealth and investments and life insurance offerings. A key objective was to maintain FNB’s Number 1 position as South Africa’s most valuable brand in the banking category – here the client-agency team overachieved with ‘most valuable brand overall’ status in the 2020 Brand Z Survey.

Read together with FoxP2’s Number 1 position as the most creative mid-sized agency on the 2020 Loeries Official Rankings and wins at the 2020 Creative Circle Ads of the Year, the performance shows that the agency’s Number 1 ranking for Most Effective Creativity in the 2019/2020 Scopen report was spot-on.

More importantly, according to FoxP2’s Managing Director, Grant Jacobsen, it highlights the culture of collaboration and mutual respect that characterises the FNB-FoxP2 relationship. He noted that all three campaigns singled out by the judging panel were the result of intense and successful teamwork, particularly on the campaign that secured the win.

“We are exceptionally fortunate to have clients whose businesses give us the opportunity to prove our mettle time and time again,” he said. “And we regard ourselves as especially fortunate when those clients have experienced and professional marketers at the helm of and making up their marketing team.

“This is one of the joys of partnering with FNB – our relationship is truly a collaborative one in which respect for others’ abilities and trust in their intentions are the first order of every engagement,” he said.

Judged by a panel of industry experts and professionals to ensure a wide range of even and unbiased feedback, the Marketing Achievement Awards seek to propel constant improvements within the discipline, set a high benchmark for the industry, raise the bar for local marketers, and bring the art and science of marketing to life.

The panel recognised FoxP2’s ability to identify customer need and then – through rigorous upfront thinking and marketing that goes beyond communication – deliver a customer experience that assisted its client seamlessly meet that need three times.

In addition to the win in the Excellence in Brand Positioning category for FNB, there was a finalist in the Excellence in New Product or Brand Launch category for FNB for its First Business Zero launch campaign and a finalist with special commendation in the Excellence in Brand Positioning category for the campaign positioning FNB as the bank of choice for SMMs.

For the First Business Zero campaign launch and brand positioning, FNB’s campaign shot out the lights, with sales increasing dramatically after the launch was supported by communication. Sentiment on social media was 66% positive with consumers saying “A perfect start for the digitally-savvy sole proprietor” and “#Entrepreneurs #ZeroExcuse not to have business account with #FNBbusiness separate from personal account.”

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