Mandisi Ads gives impetus to the COID Act

In a recent impactful Out of Home (OOH) campaign for the GCIS (Government Communication and Information), Cape Town based OOH media owner Mandisi-Ads proves that local knowledge of the media industry provides the best chance for advertising success.

Mandisi Ads, a division of Mandisi Media Group, has launched another successful nation-wide OOH Mall campaign for GCIS, with the objective of informing employers and employees about the inclusion of domestic workers in the COID (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases) act.

Because of Cape Town’s large format limitations locally and within national reach, the strategic decision was made to communicate to the target audience within malls. The client’s objectives were matched with various mall profiles across the country coupled with effective placement right down to the tenant mix.

“This campaign goes to show that OOH media in Cape Town is still a very impactful platform in building an offline presence for reach, visibility and validity, despite the country facing sporadic lockdowns this year,” says Mandisi Maqetuka, Chief Director of Mandisi Ads.

Not only should smaller media owners implicitly understand the local OOH conditions and laws, but it’s never been more important to appreciate the client’s ultimate objectives and then to deliver beyond expectations. Although the overly strict Cape Town by-laws are still a hindrance to the rapid development of the industry, due to the limitation of roadside large format site expansions, it does cut down on the uncontrolled billboard clutter as seen in many parts of the country.

“There is however a tedious transformation will within the Cape Town OOH fraternity and we feel that the billboard application process by the City of Cape Town should move away from a one size fits all approach,” confirms Maqetuka. Financial requirements for applications and approvals of large format roadside sites should be reconsidered especially as local SMMEs in OOH business have a genuine understanding of the market.

The industry is undoubtedly improving especially when it comes to research. The improved foot traffic measurement methodologies including the GPS technology, through reputable media research institutions like the OMC, is assisting to prove the effectiveness of what OOH has to offer the industry.

“With the ease of lockdown regulations, the outdoor audience has increased dramatically in Cape Town and across the country,” concludes Maqetuka. “And the best part of including OOH in the media mix is that it remains on and is unavoidable!”

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