The VA Army will fight for you (on LinkedIn)

“It’s hard to find things that don’t sell online,” Amazon’s Jeff Bezos once said. As the internet has shrunk the world, it has expanded the size of markets. A digital transformation catapulted by the Covid pandemic.

In the race towards digital supremacy, the majority of South Africans remain firmly in the trenches, fighting to gain the skills necessary to profit from digital markets. The digital divide is a manifestation of poverty, exclusion and inequality. It continues to be exacerbated due to unemployment, poorly functioning digital skilling programmes and socio-cultural norms.

A recent study conducted by Genesis Global Business Services identified digital services as a catalyst that could fuel both South Africa’s economic recovery as well as create over 660 000 jobs. Highlighted, was the need to find new ways to make digital skills training cheaper and quicker. Traditional training programmes require long timelines and exclude many young people who need only a small amount of support before they can confidently work online.

“My solution is to join the army,” says Scott Cundill, Founder and CEO of Majestic Interactive, a future-fit, data-driven communication company. As the mastermind behind Majestic 3, the customer journey software used by over 350 companies worldwide, his new initiative, The VA Army, is fast gaining traction globally. “The whole world is going online,” explains Cundill. “But conversely, finding paying customers is becoming harder and harder. Social media is competitive. AdWords and SEO take time and budget and Lead Ads are expensive.”

The VA Army puts any product or service on the frontlines of LinkedIn. Harnessing the power of multiple networks, products and services are introduced to new prospects using Virtual Assistants. “All our VA’s live in developing countries. Many are South African. Becoming a Virtual Assistant allows them to work from remote locations, while earning a steady monthly income” explains Cundill. On joining the VA army, new recruits are briefed, trained and equipped with the latest technology to help them succeed in the digital trenches. Their job is to connect with over 400 targeted prospects monthly. “For many of our VA’s this is their first experience with the digital world,” says Cundill. “Our in-depth training allows them to rapidly integrate into the online world. Each recruit is a soldier crossing the digital divide.”

The VA Army currently fights for hundreds of businesses and brands, putting their sales messages front and center in a highly cluttered digital world. While the battle for targeted databases is ongoing, it’s the war on digital equality that promises a sweeter victory.

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