RAPT Creative re-imagines Beefeater’s global ‘The Spirit of London’ for South African audience

On the back of a successful three-pronged influencer campaign, RAPT Creative has been tasked to re-imagine Beefeater’s global ‘The Spirit of London’ campaign for the South African market.

The world’s most awarded gin, Beefeater has always been an authentic product of London, made in the same time-honoured way, with great skill and the finest hand selected botanicals. Its personality is intrinsically linked to the big city and purpose of The Spirit of London campaign was to refresh the target market’s love for life in the city.

“The Spirit is a reference to the diversity of London life – culture, food, music, architecture, career opportunities, etc – and the exciting, surprising and unexpected experiences that happen when these elements intersect with each other,” said Beefeater’s Marketing Manager, Grant Hendricks.

“The message we wanted to land with our target audience was that the energy of London can be found in South Africa’s cities, and that local city dwellers should celebrate all – experiences, sights, sounds, smells – that make living in cities so energising.”

Guiding RAPT Creative’s conceptual development for this new campaign was that, while the lifting of the State of Disaster meant that people could finally enjoy all that city life has to offer, the pandemic had destroyed the best city experiences and spaces.

As a result, people don’t know where to start to find the new and exciting venues. The RAPT Creative solution was to show them how and where to find these refreshing experiences so that they can live out their best city lives.

“RAPT Creative’s solution includes City Oasis, an activation platform celebrating the juxtaposition of busy urban spaces with the serenity of a natural oasis,” said RAPT Creative Divisional Head: PR & Influencer, Khangelani Dziba.

“We’ll be looking at venues in key cities that deliver that juxtaposition. This will position Beefeater as rejuvenating the city life with truly unique experiences, and will provided the brand with the opportunity to builds on its premium+ category cues.”

The agency will also be working with key influencers, particularly leveraging those it built during the influencer campaign it recently ran towards the end of 2021 and earlier this year for Beefeater called ‘City Stories’.

These influencers will be tasked with creating content to show how the energy and vitality of London can be found and expressed through local cities in an urban-premium way. This will build on Beefeater’s emotional connection with South African consumers and meet the ‘glocalisation’ requirements of the ‘The Spirit of London’ message.

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