At Work While Consumers Play

Johan Scholtz, Head of Golf Ads and Provantage CFO, highlights the strategic value of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising on golf courses. Scholtz discusses how OOH ads seamlessly integrate into the golfer’s journey, creating multiple touchpoints that engage an affluent, relaxed audience.

South African golf legend Ernie Els said, “If you don’t believe you can make every putt, why bother trying?” And try is something regular patrons of any of South Africa’s 450 golf courses keep doing – in droves. According to data from, in 2022, 4,27m rounds of golf were played, equating to over 11,700 rounds every single day of the year – a staggering increase of approximately 20% since 2015. With an estimated 66.6 million players worldwide, golf is a fast-growing pastime – and a captive market for advertisers looking to connect with this affluent, relaxed and discerning audience.

South Africa has over 153,083 registered golfers, and around 43.2% of the total membership base plays more than two rounds of golf monthly. Golf’s contribution to the South African economy clocks in at R49 billion. That is 4% of the country’s GDP. Additionally, South Africa is ranked 12th among countries with the most golf courses. And in 2024, the revenue generated in the Golf Equipment market amounted to US$209m, and It is projected that the market will experience an annual growth rate of 8.45% (CAGR 2024-2028) and an increase of around 53% since 2019.

In this burgeoning market, there are many innovative ways to connect with golfers as they navigate the course. As they engage in this hugely popular pastime, the golfer’s journey seamlessly brings them into incidental contact with many landmarks. Throughout the leisurely odyssey, Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising opportunities are omnipresent. Upon arrival at the course, the golfer’s first touchpoint is a Golf Ads™ Golf Lites billboard.

These double-sided, internally illuminated billboards put participating advertisers front and centre, catching the golfer’s attention and being noticed by family members and friends joining them for the day out. Next, the golfer may head to the ProShop to buy some balls, replace an ailing glove or even buy a club or two.

In-store, while he consults the resident pro for advice on the best product to buy, the golfer casually watches a Golf TV™ screen, which he finds helps him make an informed purchase decision due to a popular sporting brand showcasing just the kind of product he is looking for.

On the golf course, the player is psyching himself up while his partner and children have breakfast at the club’s restaurant, where they also find their eyes drawn to the engaging content featured on the Golf TV screens. The golfer glances at a branded golf clock just as his fellow players join him on the course. They all use one of the enticingly branded ball washers before they tee off and board a golf cart wrapped in a premium sports brand’s colours.

A round of golf generally takes around four-and-a-half to five hours to complete, and as the journey progresses, brands subtly dominate the course. With additional clocks and ball washers along the course and Golf TV screens at the halfway point, the content on offer is often a welcome distraction from a less-than-perfect game.

Of course, every player deserves a refreshment after a long, hot day chasing par – whether the game is good or bad. The 19th hole awaits, along with the golfer’s family and friends. Golf TV screens provide engaging post-game content, including the day’s scores and, as the golfer enters the bar area, three adjacent Golf Trio high-definition digital screens depict tempting images of an ice-cold beer brand. As he is at the point of purchase, the golfer orders that very brand because he feels it’s a reward well-earned.

The journey concludes with exposure to mini billboards in the parking area, reminding the golfer about that new premium sports brand he wants to explore online. The day on the course has left a lasting impression, with the brands the golfer encountered fresh in his mind.

View the Golf Ads platforms video here.

Most players will attest that golf isn’t just about the game itself. A Saturday game, Sunday putting session, sponsored corporate golf day, business meeting conducted on the greens or any other excuse to swing a club is an immersive, often social experience. Golfers are predominantly hardworking, economically agile individuals who spend a day on the course to unwind or engage their competitive edge in a leisurely environment.

Subtle, relevant OOH advertising integrates comfortably, enriching this premium audience’s experience, with Golf Ads’ products reaching over 475,000 people per month across 80 golf courses nationally.

Despite their discreet nature, these strategically located, high impact OOH advertising solutions—both traditional and digital—are actively seen by 89% of golfers on participating courses. 75% of this economically agile, relaxed and captive audience is likely to socialise at the club after a game, with bars or restaurants essential to their golfing experience. Notably, around 34% of all these individuals recall seeing OOH advertising, effectively boosting brand awareness and recall while shaping purchase making decisions.

Golfer Sami Välimäki is credited with saying, “A bad day of golf is 100 times better than a good day at work”. Indeed, for brands hoping to make a lasting impact on affluent consumers in their “happy place”, Golf Ads provide just the right vehicle for keeping sales and brand recognition above par.

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