Why guaranteed leads matter

The ultimate goal of all marketing is to generate sales, which means that every cent of marketing spend needs to be reaching the right people with the right message in order to give companies worthwhile returns on investment.

Lead generation is the foundation of all marketing, and it seems obvious that successful marketing, with good conversion rates, is based on reaching the right people in the first place. Although the accuracy of marketing targeting has improved significantly with digital developments, many marketing teams don’t expect enough from their lead generation tools.

If the cost of customer acquisitions is directly impacted by the accuracy of the people reached by marketing campaigns, then marketing teams needs to be aiming for guaranteed leads, rather than just prospective leads.

Among the benefits of more accurate leads are that brand integrity is also boosted, because people who hear about your offer are already known to be interested and don’t resent efforts to communicate with them. Because digital tools, call screening apps and pre-recorded television shows have given people much more control over what they see and hear from advertisers, marketers need to continue taking on the challenge of finding people who are interested in their offering before they try and convert them into customers. Otherwise a brand or product can simply become an irritation to consumers.

One approach to improve lead accuracy and generate guaranteed leads has been developed by Hudlr, a lead generation tool from Amorphous New Media and 3Way Marketing. Hudlr calls its guaranteed leads, Warmed Up Leads. These are interested customers who have been told about a client’s offering (including the price and features) and who are then screened through qualifying questions that determine if they will be sent on to the client as a lead. Only if the customer passes the warm up routine will the client be connected with the lead, making them more of a guaranteed lead than a prospective lead.

Importantly, the tool offers a feature called lead insurance, which means that if a Warmed Up Lead isn’t responsive once passed on the client, Hudlr recalls that lead and replaces it with a better candidate.

The way lead generation tools like Hudlr price their products is based on a cost-per-lead system, which means that marketing teams can get more value for their marketing spend by using specialist lead generation tools that produce more accurate, guaranteed leads to take their marketing plans forward with.

For marketing teams looking to improve their conversion rates and aiming to better their return on investment, paying for guaranteed leads, and expecting improved accuracy from their lead generation tools are key to continued effectivity. And the alternative is the ominous risk of losing market relevance and brand equity through unnecessary, repetitive and irritating communication with people who aren’t interested.

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