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Melanie Campbell takes a seat at the helm at RAPT Creative

RAPT Group welcomes aboard Melanie Campbell as Partner: Group Strategy, effective from July 1. Campbell, with over 26 years of comprehensive experience in marketing and business transformation across diverse international markets, brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to RAPT.   An Empathetic Maverick In her own words, Campbell describes herself as “an... Continue reading

Is AI a market research miracle?

Artificial Intelligence hasn’t just transformed our world but is also profoundly affecting market research by revolutionising how companies understand and predict consumer behaviour. This was the view of Ipsos Global Head of Product Testing Dr Nikolai Reynolds during a recent visit to South African clients and agencies, where he shared groundbreaking insights on using AI... Continue reading

The Human ‘X-FACTOR’ in AI-Driven Marketing

By: Jhene Nel, Divisional Head of Sales at Webfluential A few years ago, as whispers of artificial intelligence (AI) began permeating the marketing sector, there was a palpable buzz. Part excitement, part scepticism. Across industry gatherings and in hushed conference calls, professionals half-joked about AI potentially rendering traditional skills redundant. However, as we ventured into... Continue reading

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