Why you want your inbound marketing agency to be a HubSpot Tiered Partner

Choosing to use a HubSpot tiered partner for your inbound agency can benefit your business in so many ways. Here’s everything you need to know.

Inbound marketing can yield exceptional results and take a brand to the next level – but it has to be executed right. If you’ve been looking for an inbound agency to assist you in getting these results, you’ve probably come across the term “HubSpot Partner”.

You may have also noticed that there are different tiers for HubSpot Partners. These tiers range from Silver to Diamond, but no matter which level an agency is at, they have to have happy clients who have campaigns that deliver on their goals to qualify.

The Partner Tier program is designed to acknowledge those Agency Partners who have not only brought the inbound message to the most clients, but also those who executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards. – HubSpot

Why should you care about an agency’s tier level?

It’s simple – the world of HubSpot is a community and a HubSpot tier status isn’t just a flashy statement to bolster the brand. While statuses like this are designed to benefit the agency, with HubSpot it’s also designed to ensure that clients are getting the best possible results.

The HubSpot partner programme requires an agency to not only be an expert in the tool but also execute inbound marketing services to the highest standards. At the end of the day, anyone can learn to use the tool and create an inbound strategy but you want an agency that is experienced and knows how to get you real results.

HubSpot Agency Partner Tiers
Image source: https://www.hubspot.com/partners/partner-tiers

What’s the difference between each tier level?

There are four tier levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. The first thing an agency needs to qualify for tiers (to start as Silver) is a valid Agency Partner Certification and more than three team members using the tool across accounts. Once these criteria are met, agencies move up in their tier level dependant on a combination of metrics:

  • Acquired monthly recurring revenue (MRR): the amount of revenue an agency brings in from selling the tool.
  • Managed MRR: the amount of HubSpot accounts an agency manages.
  • Retention of account: an agency’s ability to retain happy clients.
  • Software engagement: an agency has to engage with the tool and members of the team must be using it regularly.
  • Actual inbound marketing success: the ability to maintain inbound campaigns that yield results.

Ultimately, this tier structure is designed to ensure that agency partners are skilled and capable of delivering real results, which ensures the sustainability of the entire ecosystem.

How to choose the right tier for you

Now you’re asking yourself – “which level should I go for?”

Well, of course you’d go for a Diamond partner, that’s the highest level… right? Not necessarily. Agencies aren’t one size fits all and a Silver or Gold partner might actually be the right fit for your company’s unique needs.

Much like any decision you make for your business, you need to pick the one that fits your company’s purpose the best. With each tier you’re getting an agency that has more experience across more clients, but in order to get to Diamond status, an agency probably puts all its focus on the very big brands and a smaller company might end up with their C Team, never actually interacting with the person who pitched to them and paying premium prices.

“You should look for an inbound agency that will treat you like their best client but isn’t reliant on you for survival.” – Darren Leishman

We recommend validating any agency before you start working with them. Look at the size of the companies they already work with and how many clients they already have. Make sure the person who is working on your account is someone who has the requisite certifications to deliver the best results you want and request to meet your Inbound Marketing Strategist beforehand. Here are some questions we recommend asking:

  1. How long has your agency been using HubSpot?
  2. When did you become a HubSpot partner?
  3. What is your partner tier status?
  4. How long have you been at your current tier level?
  5. Are you a member of the HubSpot User Group (HUG) community?
  6. Which team members have which certifications?


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