What’s in a gif?

By Minenhle Khoza, Digital Strategist If a picture is worth a thousand words then, surely, a GIF must be worth a couple of thousand more? The GIF or GIF (because how to pronounce it remains one of the modern world’s greatest mysteries) is nothing new, having been introduced to the world all the way back […]

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Young talent blazing a trail at CBR Productions

CBR Productions is blazing a videographic trail on digital media with videos that are attracting the attention of big brand names locally and globally. Headed by Chace Geyer, Executive Producer, and Devin Risely, Creative Director, CBR Productions is growing fast, and is focused on producing top quality videos for its clients while developing promising young […]

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Six tips for creating stand-out videos

They’re young and at the top of the competitive game of video production; they’re Chace Geyer and Devin Risely, a team of two entrepreneurs who just six months ago launched the rapidly-growing CBR Productions, affiliated to CBR Marketing Solutions.Taking a distinctly cinematic approach to corporate and social media videos, along with their full in-house production […]

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Building niche communities online

By Tamsyn Friedman, Group Marketing Manager, CBR Marketing Solutions Online communities are places where people choose to be, where they interact with others who share a specific interest – be it cars, bikes, parenting, scrap-booking or any crafts, any number of health topics, books, nature, sports, art, politics, fashion, gardening, pets – just about any […]

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Corrine Bennett, General Manager – Client Services and Relationship Management at CBR Marketing Solutions

There’s no such thing as digital marketing, Corrine Bennett, CBR’s Marketing Solutions’ newly appointed GM – Client Services and Relationship Management, told stunned University of Johannesburg marketing students. She was making a point. “When people say we need to focus on digital or grow in digital marketing, they’ve missed the boat. We cannot afford to […]

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Should Brands Compete Online?

 If you ask anyone in their 30s/40s about what they think is the best example of Brand competition, the first thing they will mention is the feud between BMW and Mercedes Benz i.e. “It beats the Benz.” Though timeless and entertaining, that advert is over 20 years old. The advertising world has changed dramatically since […]

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