Greg Bruwer appointed sole Managing Director at TLC

Greg Bruwer, previously Joint Managing Director with Steven Stuart of Targeted Lifestyle Communication (TLC), a Primedia Unlimited company, has taken over the role of sole MD.

“After 15 years of incredible service, Steve has decided to throw all his energy into one of his greatest loves – IT,” says Greg. “We thank him whole heartedly for the time he’s dedicated to growing TLC into the successful business it is today.”

With almost two decades in the outdoor and alternative media sales business, Greg is well placed to take TLC forward. “After an initial two year stint in the printing industry I joined the then GMR Transit Media and TLC which would later become known as Altmedia. During those glory days we were known as the Men in Black, and were always in suits,” he reminisces.

Greg left Altmedia after six years just before it was bought by Primedia Unlimited, choosing instead to join Graffiti at that time to start up their transit advertising business. From there he became one of the founding partners of Massiv TV, where he worked for a period of six years before being re-approached by TLC to join the team once again, which he did in July 2013 as Sales Director.

“It’s quite fitting that I joined TLC right at the beginning of my career and went full circle to join the company again,” he says. “TLC has always been known as a sales incubator for growing great sales talent within the industry and I’m really proud to have been part of that process.”

Greg has extensive experience in the transit and alternative media field and is passionate about the industry. He is encouraged by his heavy work load rather than overwhelmed by it.

“As the Managing Director of TLC I’m intricately involved in all the sales and marketing functions of TLC, and will now be adding the operations and commercial duties of the company too. These include managing the sales team, ensuring that our targets are met, maintaining solid relationships with our landlords etc.”

Greg also ensures that contracts are in place and new areas of growth for the business are identified and rolled out. “Relationships with our clients and agencies is a number one priority, that goes without saying, we have always had amazing relationships with our advertisers and we will continue to build on these.”

“I consider myself a specialist in the perceived ‘hard to sell’ media types, but success is not without consistent hard work,” he says. “A hands-on approach is crucial, I do believe in leading by example and leading from the front, and importantly, without a good team a business can really suffer.”

Empowering his staff has always been high on Greg’s list and the results are evident. “I love the challenge this job offers both me and my team, there’s no better feeling than closing that deal.

I’m driven more by the business doing well than by any other benefit – when the business succeeds, we all succeed. I’m really excited about taking TLC to even greater heights. We have fantastic niched advertising platforms available for our advertisers and we have some very exciting new offerings on the cards.”

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