Vega upgrades its Johannesburg campus

The Vega school located in Bordeaux has recently expanded and upgraded their campus facilities.

Vega, a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), has invested in upgrading classrooms, learning centres and communal spaces throughout the year, incorporating various design factors that aid effective learning.

“The tertiary classroom environment should be a space conducive to effective, innovative teaching and group work, to increase individual student engagement,” says Francois Barnardo, Johannesburg Campus Navigator. “Vega is working towards producing a new breed of thinkers through fully accredited IIE Certificates, Baccalaureates, Honours and Masters programmes in design, brand and business.”Prospective students and parents are invited to visit the newly renovated campus for a first-hand glimpse at the new facilities and what a day in the life of a Vega student is really like.

For anyone interested in attending Vega or visiting its campus, connect with Vega on Facebook or visit the for more information.ABOUT VEGA

 Vega is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), providing students access to higher certificates and undergrad and post grad degrees in design, brand communication and management at campuses across South Africa.

Vega’s approach to learning focuses on creating an academic environment that is based on experiential learning, and consists of interactive lectures, small lecture groups, the use of technology to enhance the educational space and ‘navigators’ who are passionate about their work and industries.


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