New Afropolitan magazine editor, Kojo Baffoe, waxes lyrical about being at the helm of his first Afropolitan issue.

Kojo Baffoe is a media specialist, lifestyle trend-setter, content architect, radio DJ, and now the editor of the Afropolitan magazine. Here he talks about his new position and his outlook on and for the brand.

“The Afropolitan is not just a magazine, it’s a brand that exists beyond printed pages,” says Baffoe. “It is a culture and a lifestyle that mirrors its community, which consistently explores originality. Africans can no longer be told who and what they are, what they should look like and how they should act, and the Afropolitan spirit encourages and inspires that!”

It is true, the Afropolitan culture does inspire people and the team behind the title have worked hard to raise the Afropolitan culture off the printed pages and to give it life in the digital relm; reaching more Afropolitans through social media and interacting with Afropolitans on a personal level through experiential activities. And at the heart of all of this, (magazine, digital, social media and events), lies great content!

“For me, joining The Afropolitan was a collaboration and I wanted to carry that concept, that golden thread, through my first issue which incidentally is The Afropolitan’s 51st!” says Baffoe.

“I worked on this, the ‘Collaborative’ issue, with a renewed enthusiasm for magazine editing,” says Baffoe. “I considered both individual and collective collaborations and the power of people working together in different ways in the content. I hope the passion shines through.”

The new issue, which launched earlier this month, is available in selected CNA, Exclusive Books and Super Spar outlets.

Readers can look forward to captivating and relevant content, and inspiring design that lies within our  ‘Afropunk’ cover, which was chosen as the “cover of the month” by Target Media Directory.

The Afropunk feature, by its very nature, celebrates the collaboration between being African and punk rock whilst focusing on freedom of expression and originality. The Afropunk movement will also be in Johannesburg over the New Year 2017 period, and should not be missed.

Sean Press, CEO of Contact Media and Communications, the publishers of the Afropolitan, says, “After working with Kojo on his first issue, we are very proud of our decision to appoint him as editor, and we are also proud of the issue that was produced… collaboratively!”

“The Afropolitan has laid and maintained a strong foundation over its 10 years of operation,” says Press. “It has won numerous awards, including placing in the Top 10 of the recent, global Tabbie Awards earlier this year. With Baffoe at the helm, bringing new knowledge and wisdom to the table, the brand can only look forward to further successes.”

As a self-proclaimed content architect and platform analyst, Baffoe says he can finally put his money where his mouth is with The Afropolitan!

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