Primedia Outdoor plants a legacy with Food & Trees for Africa

This September, Primedia Outdoor and NGO Food & Trees for Africa celebrate their sixth Arbour Month in an ongoing partnership that seeks to promote environmental sustainability and food security across South Africa.

Since the partnership began in 2011, more than 6 500 fruit and indigenous trees have been planted across the country, resulting in a CO2 offset of 2 429 tonnes. Altogether 234 schools have benefited.

Planting trees is the simplest way to curb the effects of urbanisation and climate change and fulfils Primedia Outdoor’s commitment to beautify and give back to the communities in which it works.

“We believe in the potential of all South Africans to grow and contribute to the success of our country, regardless of the economic background they come from,” said Peter Lindstrom Executive: Sales and Marketing at Primedia Outdoor.  “By ensuring children live in a healthy, green environment where the air is clean and they are properly nourished with fresh fruit and vegetables grown in their own community, we can give them the physical, emotional and mental boost they need to perform optimally at school.

“Together with Food & Trees for Africa we are committed to leaving a legacy for future generations to enjoy the many benefits of trees. We plant 85 trees a month nationally to achieve this goal. This is where we are to date.”

Province Total No of Trees Planted since 2011
Gauteng 1565
Mpumalanga 365
Eastern Cape 555
Northern Cape 496
Western Cape 782
Limpopo 570
Free State 740
KwaZulu Natal 1233
North West 277
Total No of Trees Planted 6583

Emily Jones, Trees and Carbon Programme Manager at Food & Trees for Africa said, “We receive applications for trees year round, so this really helps us with our planning. Each month we look at which applications have come in, or which of the projects haven’t received trees for a while and allocate accordingly. It is really impactful.”

Food & Trees for Africa is a highly successful food security and environmental sustainability NGO with 27 years of experience. They emphasise education and skills training through sensitive mentorship and phased support to achieve long-term sustainability.

The NGO receives applications for trees from schools, crèches, churches, communities and cooperatives. Applicants are evaluated on a number of criteria, including need and willingness to take responsibility for the plants. In addition to the trees, Primedia Outdoor has helped to establish eight food gardens in schools and youth centres.

“It’s about environmental sustainability and food security,” said Lindstrom. “But it’s also about creating an environment for people to have a better life.”

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