M&C Saatchi Abel launches Hollard TVC

Purchasing a car is certainly a reason to celebrate – but so, too, is paying off that car. Hollard gives this landmark occasion its due in a new ad campaign that highlights how exciting it is to own a car outright, and informs consumers in this fortunate position about Car Lite, a flexible insurance policy that meets their needs exactly.

Hollard once more joined forces with M&C Saatchi Abel to launch the campaign.

“Car insurance in South Africa is a highly competitive category,” informs Jabulani Sigege, creative director at M&C Saatchi Abel, adding that advertisers traditionally choose to focus on price, value adds, rewards, brand heritage and customer service as points of differentiation.

This is one of the factors that makes the new campaign so distinctive: the creative team acknowledged that none of these factors are likely to hold much interest for car owners who have already paid off their vehicles. These people usually lose interest in insurance, which – already viewed as a grudge purchase when it was obligatory if they were to qualify for finance – becomes even further down the list of priorities once a car is owned outright.

The team felt that these consumers would respond more readily to an ad which applauds just how momentous their paid-up status is. In fact, the feeling of pride and excitement isn’t too far off from life’s other milestones, such as getting married or graduating. For this reason, the campaign centres on a wedding where, instead of toasting the bride, the best man raises a glass to his friend’s luck in having finally paid off his car. The groom, sharing his excitement, happily adds that the car is also insured.

This is a key moment, as research reveals that more than 60% of South African car owners choose not to insure their cars. This is attributed to factors such as affordability and perceived value. The stings that form part of the campaign address these issues, helping to point out to consumers that this is a flexible product answering many consumer needs. “Ultimately, it drives Hollard’s Better Futures purpose by making car insurance more accessible for more South Africans,” says Sigege.

The ad, which was directed by Thabang Moleya and produced by Bouffant Productions, was shot on location at Hollard Villa Arcadia. This is the first time that the beautiful heritage building, which is owned by Hollard, has appeared in the brand’s advertising.

“We loved the challenge of launching a new Hollard Car Insurance product, with a unique proposition, in a uniquely Hollard way,” Sigege concludes.

Watch the behind the scenes video

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