YourData.Network gets the most out of your consumer or B2B database

YourData.Network is a powerful tool that helps companies to use their existing customer database and match it with other audiences across Africa to reach the right people with the right marketing message at the right time – no matter what device they are using or time of day they are online.

First-party data is collected directly by companies through things like prospect lists, CRM, point of sale, loyalty programmes and newsletter sign-ups, and can be a great starting point for sending marketing messages. But YourData.Network takes this capability to a whole new level. It matches a company’s first-party data to third-party data such as demographics, contact information and online behaviour, which is legally purchased from third-party data sources, to find existing customers in new places. For example, if a company has a person’s email address or phone number, YourData.Network can match that information to a real person online. This means a company can reach customers they already know, but in new places, where they might be more receptive to a particular message. So instead of just sending out spam-style SMSs, they can speak to that person when they are online, where they might be more receptive to a marketing message. YourData.Network then also creates look-a-like audiences to accurately and effectively extend the reach of your marketing message.

Activating the data you have about your customers will help you better understand how to meet them where they’re at with useful and relevant advertising.

“Our media investment allocation ethos is the efficient frontier,” says Grant Shippey, Amorphous Stride CEO. “It’s about finding the optimal balance between risk and reward, so that our clients get the most out of their campaigns.”

Once a customer or potential customer is identified, they can be tracked across platforms and devices. Knowing what a user is doing online at different times of the day is a powerful tool for getting adverts to them in a cost-effective way. The types of channels used include display adverts, emails, video ads and SMS.

YourData.Network can be used for generating new customer leads, retaining existing customers and disseminating awareness campaigns.

The adaptability offered by YourData.Network means that digital advertising strategies can be built around trying to talk to an active and engaged audience that is pre-disposed to be interested in what you want to say to them. This is a huge departure from the more traditional spray-and-pray digital marketing approach.

YourData.Network is part of Amorphous Stride’s newly launched Dot Network platform, which uses sophisticated software to help companies target specific individuals with the right message at the right time across a range of different sectors. Audiences are defined by demographics, interest areas, online behaviour and legal and live location. These defining parameters mean that messages sent through Dot Network are relevant to audiences and cut through the noise of other advertising.

All of the Dot Network platforms, including YourData.Network, are software based, allowing companies buy space on the most efficient media platform at the optimal price. Media space is bought with real-time bidding, which means that advertisers can get the best rate for their campaigns. Every cent of the media budget works as hard as it can and campaigns are measurable, so they can be refined based on performance.

To reach the right audience with your messages, you need to be able to understand and activate available consumer data well. YourData.Network offers a unique way to reach existing and potential customers, and to adapt media buying based on the online location and type of activity individuals are engaged with throughout the day.




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