Marketers need to rely on tech advances to maintain consumer relationships

Ad-tech solution integrates customer data with automated social media ad targeting, revolutionising client relationships.

 Digitisation has provided marketers with a wealth of data. When effectively correlated and sequenced, marketers can gain deep insight into almost any aspect of their customers… from shopping habits, to their position on the customer journey, through to being able to predict spend, churn, loyalty, and so much more.

But, as with all data-based process, unless automation, rules, and a practical application governs interaction, it can become so time-intensive and laborious, that potential gains are easily over-ridden.

Johannesburg-based Facebook Marketing Partner, Popimedia, has developed LeadSMART, a tool that links a business’s own information stores to Facebook audiences. This provides marketers with the means to fully leverage their data to create personalised campaigns that resonate with consumers – targeting them with relevant information at specific points along the customer journey.

These automated actions are based on defined rules, and are tailored to achieve pre-determined metrics, such as cross-sell, up-sell, engagement, education, and more. “By writing specific rules, for example ‘target all new clients who’ve purchased product X to receive message Y, 10 days after purchase’, and integrating the campaign with rich consumer profile data, we’re able to speak directly to clients in a personalised way – creating campaigns that have relevance, and that achieve marketers’ objectives. Additionally, we are relieving marketing teams and front-line sales staff of manually implementing campaigns online,” says Popimedia’s CTO, Gil Sperling.

Limited only by human imagination, LeadSMART will automate the delivery of any message, at any point in a brand-client relationship, by utilising any combination of client data. In addition, this functionality also automatically takes care of the hyper-personalisation of marketing, which, according to Sperling, can significantly boost sales and deliver greater return on investment from social media ad spend.

“LeadSMART helps marketers significantly improve business outcomes by delivering automated audiencing capabilities, as any form of business data can be collated in a centralised system and used to segment audiences according to specified characteristics,” he continues. “Pre-defined rule parameters then serve ads at specific times to target the right person at the right time with relevant messages, depending on that particular consumer’s journey.”

Ultimately, LeadSMART makes the lives of marketers easier, saving them time while also enhancing the effectiveness of their social media marketing campaigns. “With the ability to offer consumers hyper-personalised products or services, marketers create value for the consumer, leading to enhanced loyalty and repeat business for the brand. In addition, LeadSMART ensures that a business’s data drives revenue from its constantly changing customer information,” concludes Sperling.


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