SCOPEN shows you kept your Promise

The results of SCOPEN 2017 show Promise to be the most improved agency with regard to market perception, moving up 25 positions since Scopen 2016. On top of that, five Promise staff members – namely, Verushen Reddy, Nic Kostouros, Marc Watson, Yolandi Buys and James Moffatt – are considered by the industry to be outstanding industry professionals.

CEO of the IAS Johanna McDowell says that the second annual report by Spanish-based independent research company SCOPEN and the Independent Agency Search & Selection Company (IAS), AGENCY SCOPE 2017 gives agencies first-hand feedback about their requirements. “Marketing professionals involved in the one-hour face-to-face interviews we conducted are those who engage on an ongoing basis in the decision-making process for selecting and approving their agencies’ work, so this feedback is important.”

According to the research, marketers see Promise’s key strength as is its integrated agency status, noting client service, strategic planning, effective creativity, innovation and digital capabilities as factors enhancing this strength.

SCOPEN’s President and CEO César Vacchiano says: “Promise should be very proud of their results, particularly as the only agency ranked in the top five in client satisfaction both in 2016 and 2017. There is certainly a commitment to strategic planning, effective creative, account service and integrated services offering in the agency, all key factors for clients. This places the agency in a unique position, while its challenge is to be better known by marketers in a very competitive industry.”

Promise’s standout performance doesn’t end there: Rated the number one agency for commitment and action with regards to B-BBEE and number one for senior management involvement in client services and accounts. Promise was also noted for outstanding financial performance for its clear pricing structure; value for money; and maximising client investment.

The second edition of AGENCY SCOPE gleaned information from 217 hour-long in-person interviews with Chief Marketing Officers from 193 leading South African companies. After analysing 499 client/agency relationships and 152 agency professionals’ responses during the interviews undertaken between June and September 2017, Vacchiano says he found it “fascinating” to see how South African communications work and noted the strong customer service ethic. “It’s impressive to see how agencies here are investing in talent and tools to continually improve client satisfaction.”

“Their views reflect the changes that are affecting the industry,” says McDowell, adding that thanks to this research, “rigorous analysis and the numerous correlations derived from our comprehensive database, SCOPEN can offer a unique strategic vision to drive businesses within the creative economy, inspiring people and projects”.

The industry has spoken: A Promise kept is key to winning the admiration and loyalty of the industry and marketers.

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