Five reasons to consider a post grad career boost

By Michele Venter-Davies, National Head of Honours Programmes at Vega

 People who have obtained degrees and firmly established themselves in the job market are sometimes apprehensive about studying further. But those who embrace the challenge, soon appreciate that there is always more to think about. Experience and maturity are no barrier to further progress. Having held the position of Head of Honours at Vega (a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) since 2016, I’ve personally seen the admirable shift for students who pursue post-graduate studies in the brand field.

Achieving global requirements for businesspeople who are able to think creatively and solve problems innovatively requires ongoing engagement with new ways of thinking, new business models and building meaningful brands that are able to add value to the economy and to peoples’ lives.

  1. Put yourself more in demand

A post-graduate qualification is instantly more relevant to employers seeking individuals with a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the business as a holistic entity, and differentiates your personal brand in a highly competitive marketplace. Whilst an undergraduate degree or diploma does encourage critical and analytical thinking, post-graduate studies develop a more specialised view of relevant fields of study, which is invaluable to any employer.

  1. Increase your earning potential

In addition to boosting your employability, a post-graduate qualification increases earning potential, showcasing that you are capable of tackling skill-based tasks both effectively, in terms of strategic direction, and efficiently to ensure solutions are cost effective.  For example, a candidate with an IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Strategic Brand Management studied through Vega is not only equipped with a practical mix of business, financial and strategic skills, but is also able to create a strategic campaign based on an in-depth understanding of local and global economic factors. These individuals are in high demand and are often in a strong position to negotiate favourable remuneration packages.

  1. Work at the speed of culture

As the needs and desires of consumers continue to change at a rapid pace, businesses are forced to play catch up, which means that they need more dynamic teams of people capable of using

conceptual, strategic and practical skill-sets to solve modern-day challenges. Studying towards a post-graduate qualification gives one the tools to react to the latest local and global environmental trends, ensuring the brand and business remain relevant and top of mind amongst consumers.

  1. Reignite your passion

Post-graduate studies accelerate the building of an exciting career path, and also provide rewarding experiences on a personal level. Networking with like-minded colleagues affords many opportunities for collaboration and idea-sharing, whilst delving deeper into problems and opportunities. This enables a more meaningful contribution to the commercial world and the greater society. For example, at Vega, a passion for brand building can be applied to building products, companies, nations, concepts, political parties, celebrities, NPOs and professionals, amongst others, allowing for focussed application in areas relevant to the individual student.

  1. Find your purpose

The true reward of dedication to the achievement of a postgraduate qualification is the ability to apply the skills learned for the betterment of many stakeholders. Employers, industries, communities and the larger society all benefit from a positive attitude to upliftment and empowerment. From an educator’s perspective, it’s vital that we are graduating students who can make a difference, and who will become employees or entrepreneurs who add value and see problems as opportunities for innovation. Whether it’s solving Cape Town’s water crisis through innovative design or fearlessly challenging the status quo in the world of business, post-graduate studies are not just a self-improvement exercise. Personal achievement translates to improved circumstances for many others.Expand your mind, broaden your horizons and change the world through the pursuit of knowledge and higher education. Investigate the wide range of world-class IIE post-graduate qualifications available to study part-time and full-time at Vega, in fields ranging from Interior Design to Strategic Brand Management. For more information, visit

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