ProActive’s Permanent Brand Ambassadors a win for Brands

In an age where social media and advertising clutter creates excessive noise within the marketing sphere, consumers still seek face to face interaction when making a purchase decision in store. This is where highly skilled, approachable, presentable and well-trained Brand Ambassadors enter the picture. ProActive™ provides brands and companies with permanent Brand Ambassadors that are trained solely on the brand and its products and offerings. This ensures that unique selling points are delivered accurately, customer questions can be answered and a product’s uses can be clearly demonstrated.

Makhetsi Phakoa of ProActive™ explains that in a store, consumers prefer to engage with a real life person. “If a customer is wanting to purchase a new laptop, for example, and wants to know more about it, it’s a lot easier for them to chat to a Brand Ambassador who is present and ready to answer questions, compared with trying to understand the product by themselves. Face to face engagement with a Brand Ambassador who is polite, friendly and knowledgeable increases the chances of that laptop being bought as opposed to another brand that has no Brand Ambassador presence,” says Phakoa.In terms of permanent Brand Ambassadors, ProActive™ provides a complete service that includes the management, training, co-ordination and administration of personnel. “With ProActive’s™ permanent Brand Ambassador programmes, brands don’t have to worry about managing extra staff members, nor have them on their payroll. They liaise with us and we implement, it’s that simple,” concludes Phakoa.

Below are key benefits of ProActive’s™ permanent Brand Ambassadors:

  1. Brand Ambassadors make a brand more visible by engaging potential customers.
  2. They have a long-term emotional connection with the brand and have an intimate understanding of products.
  3. Brand Ambassadors are trained according to strictly guided parameters and skill sets that enable the best possible representation of a brand and efficacy in market.
  4. They advise team leaders when stock is low to ensure that it is replenished.
  5. Brand Ambassadors ultimately humanize a brand and generate positive word of mouth for brand and products.

For more information on how ProActive™ can supply your brand with a highly-skilled team of permanent Brand Ambassadors call Makhetsi Phakoa on 0861 776 826 or Go to

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