The winning Business Insider and Fin24 combination gives advertisers access to 4.5 million targeted users

Fin24 and Business Insider have taken the first and second spots (respectively) within the Financial Sector in South Africa according to Effective Measure’s released April 2018 results.

Fin24 showed 2 291 054 Unique Browsers (UB’s) across web, mobile web and app combined, and a massive 15 595 000 Page Views (PV’s).  Business Insider showed 1 523 398 UB’s and 5 570 930 PV’s on all devices. Interestingly, 63% of Fin24’s traffic is on mobile devices, while Business Insider’s mobile traffic was clocked at 89%.

Not only is The SpaceStation able to recruit users from Business Insider and Fin24, but their data segmentation means they are able to access audiences engaging in other financial content across the entire network, providing a broader range of targeted clients in the segments.  Says Natasha Fourie, Head of Strategy at The SpaceStation, the digital media sales team at “We have a 4.5 million identified users who have consumed financial content across our tagged sites in the past 62 days. But our more nuanced segments such as our investment audience is proving popular and an effective buy not only for endemic investment clients but also with high end Lifestyle brands who are seeing the value of this high end audience segment.” The biggest data segments that advertisers have access to within the network are Markets & Companies (1.7 million SA Users); Investments (642 520 SA Users); Tech (778 960 SA Users) and International Investments (511 130 SA Users).

Remarkably Effective Measure’s results also show there is only a 13% duplication of audience between Fin24 and Business Insider (433 972 UBs), showing a massive reach value for advertisers across a wide variety of business and financial topics.

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