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Allan Gray launches new TVC called Father’s Share

Allan Gray, in partnership with King James the Second, has launched its latest TVC as part of an integrated brand campaign. The highly anticipated advert aired on TV last night. Allan Gray has again delivered on its legacy of advertising told through unique human stories with global resonance, and in this instance, the focus is on a truly South African fable.

Allan Gray’s new integrated brand campaign does not disappoint in its ability to bring to life real human experiences through emotive and powerful storytelling, which resonates across multiple audiences. The campaign also subtly references the company’s approach to investing, which takes unwavering commitment, persistent patience and quiet discipline – all of which are highlighted in its new TV ad.

The advert was created in partnership with Allan Gray, King James the Second and Plank Productions, directed by Pete Pohorsky. Renowned actors, John Kani and Mabutho “Kid” Sithole, were recruited to provide accurate historical and cultural detail.

Father’s Share is set in 1950s South Africa and tells the story of a family guided by a disciplined, and seemingly punitive, father over a period of five decades.

It is a gently humorous, yet heart-warming fable of a relationship between parents and their children – one that many South Africans will identify with.  The story shows a father asking his children for a portion of their earnings throughout their lives. Told from the son’s perspective, you see the father taking his share from the time the child is making pocket money from household chores to when he reaches adulthood. – However, unbeknownst to the son, his father keeps a meticulous record of every single transaction in the form of a ledger, an old exercise book.

The ledger remains a secret until the time of the father’s passing. When the son returns home filled with uncertainty and angst, the purpose of the ledger is revealed and the money is returned. The essence of Allan Gray’s investment philosophy and the company’s focus on the long term is expressed through the father’s patient commitment and the son’s consistent sharing of his earnings.

Zwelethu Nkosi, Head of Brand and Advertising says:  “I am immensely proud of what we have managed to accomplish within the first year of our relationship with King James II. We spent a lot of time in dialogue before and during the production of the campaign and the work that will be presented has been done in the spirit of true partnership. Together we have worked incredibly hard to create an ad that tells a beautiful universal story in a very South African way, while at the same time subtly reflecting the essence of Allan Gray’s investment philosophy and our focus on the long term.”

Rob McLennan, Creative Founding Partner, King James II says: “Great effort was made to ensure we continued the rich heritage of great Allan Gray advertising while also ensuring this story is a truly South African fable told in a fresh and authentic way. Working on this campaign has been the most rewarding experience in my advertising career and we are all very proud of the work.”