If you can dream it, 3D Milling can do it!





The Out of Home market has changed dramatically in the last few years, and more so in the last 12 months – and that’s not including the digital applications that are currently available. One of the coolest kids on the block right now is 3D Milling and it’s bringing a massive visual impact to the out of home space like no other.

“Wideopen 3D is the first company in South Africa to offer, with little limitation on size, detailed 3D sculptures that can be custom designed and built to fit a specific location and theme,” says the company’s Mike Rasmussen. “We’re out to create massive advertising impact for clients! Literally, if you can think it – we can do it. From giant beer bottles, ice cream cones, cars, shoes or just giant lettering. It’s all possible, and with the most intricate detail and scale.”

Using a high-tech 3D sculpting machine, Wideopen 3D creates foam sculptures, covered in weatherproof, impact-resistant polyurethane or epoxy resin finished with either air brush paint or self adhesive vinyl prints for stunning, eye-catching indoor and outdoor graphic or architectural executions. Add a few lighting effects or smoke machines and the out of home environment becomes a lot more dynamic and entertaining.

“Apart from using light weight material to expertly replicate any product on the planet, no matter its size, we are also able to create a metallic finish where needed to assimilate a true metallic look and finish,” he says. “Depending on business objectives, our applications are easily transformed into Point of Sale (POS) materials too.”

Wideopen 3D’s milling machine has been brought in from Canada to provide clients with the very best application and finishes. “It’s effectively five machines in one,” says Mike. “In fact there’s a statue in India which is touted as the tallest 3D application in the world at 180 metres, where the form work for the bronze coating is being created by the very same machinery we have here in Johannesburg.”

The company has several 3D examples currently in the market including a 11m x 4m Castle Lite Grip can which can be seen between Grayston and Corlett Drive in Jozi. “We’re also currently working on a project for Skyy Vodka which will soon be gracing one of Cape Town’s buildings,” he says. “We’ve completed projects for Med Lemon which involved smoke machines, we’ve created a larger than life Adidas shoe, a Mini formed entirely of foam, a giant Twisp and many more.”

All creations are produced in Johannesburg and easily transported throughout the country for assembly wherever needed.

“As a country, I can say with confidence that we’re on par with 3D milling applications that are being produced anywhere in the world. We have amazing media and creative partners that are happy to push boundaries and try something different. In today’s challenging environment, being different and standing out, and sometimes taking a risk can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary,” he says.

Connect with Mike on 011 562 6750 or mike@wideopenplatform.com. Wideopen Platform is a Primedia Unlimited company.



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