Transit Ads™ rebrands to offer bigger, bolder and better

Transit Ads™ and its widespread digital television network TRANSIT.TV™ have been rebranded and refreshed in line with the wants and needs of its target audience, providing advertisers with opportunities that are bolder, better and more powerful.

 Transit Ads™ is South Africa’s largest transit media company, boldly leading the way in innovation, marketing solutions and footprint within the transit environment. The new corporate identity reflects the finger-on-the-pulse approach and comprehensive offerings of Transit Ads™, where effective and successful engagement amongst a sought-after audience of tens of million, economically active consumers is guaranteed.

“The new look of Transit Ads™ points to the future and for us, in terms of our offerings and innovations, the future is now. The new corporate identity is representative not only of our business but also of our diverse, savvy, economically-active target audience,” says Shamendran Naidu – Executive: Transit Ads™.

In line with the new look of Transit Ads™, the highly effective, wide-reaching TRANSIT.TV™ channel has been refreshed with a new look, a new line-up and exciting new content. The digital network flights nationally on screens in taxis, taxi ranks, bus stations and train stations to an audience of over 13 million viewers every month.

TRANSIT.TV™ provides an excellent extension to traditional television advertising, increasing both frequency and incremental reach at a fraction of the cost. Recall and assimilation is extremely high and when a TRANSIT.TV™ campaign is combined with other key touchpoints along the commuting journey, brands become an integral part of the consumer’s lifestyle and shopping basket.

For advertisers, the new TRANSIT.TV™ line-up provides the opportunity for a range of sponsorship packages that are attached to various segments such as News, Sport, Finance, Parenting, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Music, Health and Food.

Transit Ads™ continues to do in-depth research into their growing audience, in order to ensure that all offerings are in line with consumer behaviours and are continuously enhanced to bring consumers the type of engagement and content that they are after. This is particularly relevant to TRANSIT.TV™. The content aired on the channel is a direct response to what consumers want and need – content that is informative, relevant, engaging and entertaining.

New packages will also be available to advertisers wanting to extend their traditional advertising campaigns. The packages are being created with the key objective of enhancing brand affinity and positively influencing purchasing decision.In line with its rebrand, Transit Ads™ looks forward to providing advertisers with exciting offerings, but also to continually providing services that deliver on efficacy and measurable marketing return on investment. Exciting times ahead for both advertisers and Transit Ads™.

For more information on how Transit Ads™ can take your brand to an extensive consumer audience, contact Hugh Wilson on 0861 776 826 or or go to or DM @TransitAds_

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