5 reasons why Ads24’s Mass Market is the top team to back your brand

By tapping into Ads24’s Mass Market ̶ Soccer Laduma, Daily Sun, Die Son and Kick Off ̶ media buyers, advertisers and marketers are connecting with a culturally rich, diverse, trend-savvy and future forward market that also holds enormous spending power in South Africa.

Ads24’s recently kicked off a dynamic series of activations in Johannesburg and Cape Town aimed at showcasing the many opportunities provided by these key players in the mass-market. Here are just five of the ways Ads24’s Mass Market can back your brand.

  • The Mass Market lives for sport

Ads24’s Mass Market readership loves sport,3.8-million stay up to date with sport and 5.5-million like to go to sports events. Altogether 70% of Daily Sun readers support brands that sponsor sport and there are enough of them to pack Orlando Stadium 93.5X.

Similarly, 116,000 Soccer Laduma readers use the internet daily and could fill Moses Mabhida Stadium 35.3X and Die Son readers could fill the Cape Stadium 13.4X.

There is enormous potential for brands to reach this segment by finding relevant ways to tap into their passion for sport.

  • Mass market lifestyle is something all South Africans can relate to

According to Ask Afrika, South Africa’s largest independent market research house and the local licence holders for TGI, Kasi culture is a way of life that all South Africans can relate to. Think of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, marketers and advertisers used the township lifestyle as a friendly and accessible way to promote the country.Key to connecting with the Kazi market is to appeal to its sense of community, sharing and caring.

  • The Mass Market is the future

Mass Market Millennials are shaping the future by defining news, trends, beliefs and politics.

  • Millennial Ads24 Mass Market readers are 1.3 times more likely to be in full-time education (TGI).
  • Millennial Ads24 Mass Market readers are 1.5 times more likely to use apps on their phones every day (TGI).
  • The youth market aged 15 to 34 has 55% of the mass market spending power. More than previous generations at the same age (TGI).
  • About 20% of youth aged 25 to 34 are heading households and making purchasing decisions (TGI).

Despite the massive influence these Millennials have on purchase power, Ask Afrika reports that only 20% of ad spend is directed at them.

  • The Mass Market has spending power and are brand loyal

Ads24 Mass Market readers are more likely to pay a higher price for a meal offering when eating out/ordering a take-away meal as long as the quality is high (TGI).

Daily Sun Readers read the newspaper most days and Son readers are more likely to be tempted to buy products they’ve seen advertised (TGI).  This market is loyal to a repertoire of brands and will pay for products that are perceived to be of excellent quality and value for money.

  • Ads24 Mass Market titles have huge appeal

Collectively, Daily Sun, Die Son and Soccer Laduma are seen by 8.9-million readers across print, digital and social media platforms. Ads24 has developed three packages ̶  Starter Pack, Booster and Premium  ̶  to highlight the multiplatform ability of Soccer Laduma, Daily Sun and Die Son to reach this highly sought after market.

“The packages offer a mix of digital, print, advertorials, social media, banner ads, sponsored sections strip ads and mobi, which we can tailor to innovative multi-platform solutions for our clients,”said Ads24 Brand Manager, Marise van der Lith.

Activations will roll out in and Durban over the rest of September. For more information on how to make the most of Starter, Booster or Premium Pack contact your Ads24 representative.

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