Jupiter CT take home a New Generation Awards gold

Social & Digital Media Awards declare Jupiter KING

Recognising the importance of creativity in the social and digital media space, the New Generation Awards, acknowledged key players in the industry on 28 September 2017, at a Gala event in Johannesburg.   On the night, The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town was ‘served’ a Gold in the Online Competition Award for its #SWHOPPER campaign for BURGER KING® South Africa.

The judges looked for authenticity and transparent communication, along with professional campaign planning. The results are measured against the campaign objectives set out up front.

So what made #SWHOPPER such a great campaign?

Lucas van Vuuren, executive creative director explains: “With over 300 million photographs of food on Instagram, we encouraged local consumers to upload images of their simple meals on the two pre-selected dates to a special microsite for consideration to receive a WHOPPER® in return.   They shared photos on Twitter and everyone jumped on the conversation about have a disappointing lunch or dinner using the #SWHOPPER hashtag.”

BURGER KING® South Africa was the first BURGER KING® internationally to reward consumers for having a meal that looked terrible. Jupiter CT made a point of emphasising that feeling of food remorse that has now become known as WHOPPER® Envy, and encouraged the existing practise of consumers photographing their food.

“What also worked well for us is we knew that McDonald’s was planning discounted Big Mac’s on their birthday a few days before we originally planned to launch. So we moved the date forward to their birthday and gave away free WHOPPERS® instead. It was sneaky, but consumers, and the media loved it.”

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