Comair plea to support Gift of the Givers

Comair, together with its airline brands and British Airways (operated by Comair) is helping to fund fuel to transport fodder for farm animals that are starving because the drought in the Northern, Eastern, Southern Cape and Karoo.

“We understand that while air transport plays a central role in global, social and economic development, it has an increasing impact on the environment. We are therefore committed to reduce our impact on the environment and we continuously look for ways to assist and reduce this. There was thus no hesitation from our end to offer a helping hand, considering the intensive fuel use of the aviation industry and have decided to assist Gift of the Givers by donating R500 000 to the farmers and animals who are currently left destitute by the drought in these areas,” says Iain Meaker, Executive Manager of Commercial Distribution at Comair.

Several thousand farmers within the region have lost grazing lands and animals, which will ultimately result in thousands of job losses and huge economic losses for those areas of South Africa. Through resilience and tenacity, a total of 392 truckloads of fodder has been made available by contributing farmers, but there is currently a dire need for individuals and corporates to come forward and make fuel donations to alleviate a R3 million fuel bill to deliver the fodder to the farms.

Comair’s contributions, will be allocated to relieve this fuel burden and to get the much-needed fodder to those in need as quickly as possible.  “We would like to thank all our loyal fans and British Airways Comair passengers for their continued support over the years. It is our passengers who ultimately makes it possible for us as a corporate South African citizen to donate to worthy causes like these”, adds Meaker.

Comair would like to challenge its competitors and appeal to other corporate South African businesses, as well as any individuals who would like to contribute and donate to this worthy cause. Meaker says, “Your economic, social and spiritual service to South Africa in this regard, would be well received by the many farmers and animals, who are currently struggling. In the true spirit of Ubuntu, we can and must make this possible.”

Contributions can be made to:

Gift of the Givers

Standard Bank


Account Number 052137228

Branch Code 057525

ref. Fuel

Please send a deposit slip to

Should you wish to get in touch with Gift of the Givers, please contact Elizabeth Visagie on 082 576 3800 or Imtiaz Sooliman on 083 236 4029 or visit their website at

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