Boomtown’s creative for Bronx Woman’s spring/summer 2017 campaign launches

Building on its autumn/winter campaign for Bronx Woman, Boomtown’s creative for the popular footwear brand’s spring/summer collection has gone live.

Building on the It’s so me! concept seen last season, the creative is more vibrant and will be seen in stores nationwide, in print, online and through the public relations communications.

Briefed to grow the Bronx Woman brand and introduce it to a wider audience, and increase its footprint within the market, Boomtown has worked with the popular footwear brand which is part of the Bolton Footwear Group since early 2017.

It’s so me!

Tapping into a number of insights discovered during the research phase, Boomtown’s second campaign for Bronx Woman centres around the personalities of women who bear the same names as the styles in the collection.

Lauren McNish who heads up the account for Boomtown says: “This season we build on the momentum we’ve created, and show ladies that Bronx Woman has a style for everyone for any occasion.”

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