Make Ads24 a part of your perfect Sunday

The perfect Sunday can mean many things to many people. It could be a braai with family and friends; an opportunity to explore the countryside in a 4X4; a new mountain bike trail to blaze; a race to run; or simply an opportunity to relax on the sofa with cappuccino and your favourite Sunday paper.

Sunday is the one day of the week where you get to pursue whatever “me time” really means to you and with Ads24’s selection of Sunday news platforms   ̶   Rapport, Sunday Sun , City Press, Son op Sondag and Netwerk24  –  it’s also an opportunity to catch up on news, views, politics, entertainment and more.

Ads24’s Sunday news platforms offer a quality read to cater for interests across demographic and economic spectrums. For advertisers, Sunday is the day that many South African’s make their big purchasing decisions and the Ads24 Sunday news platforms provide a means to reach an audience when they are most relaxed.

In fact, the Ads24 Sunday stable is read by one in two Sunday Readers with an effective reach of 1+ 5, 4-million ̶ and a duplicated reach at 3+ 2,6-million.

Son op Sondag and Sunday Sun fall into the upper middle class bracket and make up 30% of the Sunday readership,  while Netwerk24, Rapport, City Press account for upper LSM readers with disposable income to spend on quality goods.

However you choose to spend your weekend, make Ads24 a part of your perfect Sunday, because let’s face it Sunday is more than a day. It’s a state of mind.

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