Promise 1st in SA for dedication to BEE


Promise has been voted by clients as the leading agency in South Africa for commitment to Black Economic Empowerment and Transformation. The extensive findings of the latest SCOPEN Agency Scope review have revealed numerous first positions for the agency as measured by the country’s leading marketers. In total more than 219 CMO’s were interviewed in face to face sessions with SCOPEN researchers between June and September this year.

James Moffatt, CEO at Promise, comments: “During the past year, Promise has achieved fantastic progress with regards to significant black equity holding, as well as investing in the personal development of young black talent. One of our stars won a Black Pixel by achieving “best young talent” at the Bookmarks this year. Our black shareholding is direct (not Trust based) and transparent. This is over and above our focus on the legislated pillars such as preferential procurement, where our procurement spend is heavily invested with black-owned SME’S. We are delighted with this outcome and we are not done yet, as we continue to advance our role in the transformation of our industry.”

Cesar Vacchiano, President and CEO of SCOPEN International comments: “This is a significant result for the agency as this demonstrates that Promise ensured that not only was their commitment to black empowerment genuine, but the assessment by clients in both marketing and procurement confirms the agency’s commitment in this regard.”

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