Huggies® supports World Prematurity Day

November is annual World Prematurity Day. Premature birth is the leading cause of death worldwide in children under the age of five.  Babies born too early are more susceptible to long-term health problems that affect the brain, the lungs, hearing or vision. In South Africa, 15% of all births, which equates to one in seven babies, are born preterm¹. Globally around 15 million babies (12% of all births) are born preterm and one million die due to complications² and a lack of proper healthcare.

To show their support to parents and premature babies in South Africa, Huggies® donated 100 cases of Huggies® Preemie nappies, that is 3 000 nappies in total, to a Neonatal Care Unit at Tembisa Hospital in Tembisa, Johannesburg. “Huggies® Preemie nappies are tailored to fit preemie babies. Oversized nappies can cause the baby to lie with their legs in a ‘frog like’ position, which hampers muscle tone development. This is one of the challenging factors related to the development of premature babies’ motor skills. We are proud to be able to make this donation and to play our part in helping preemie babies,” says Nthabiseng Leso, Senior Brand Manager: Point of Market Entry.

Huggies® is with you every step of your nappy journey. Your baby gets its first hug from you, let the second hug be just as good.

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