Boomtown assists NESCAFÉ RICOFFY 3in 1 to soothe exam nerves

An innovative digital campaign created by Boomtown for NESCAFÉ RICOFFY 3in1 is assisting South Africa’s youth soothe their study and exam nerves.

Launched in Youth Month, the campaign promotes Qala Manje FM, a playlist that helps alter your mood and increase your focus through the sound technology and the smooth sounds of lo-fi music.

Qala Manje FM uses a combination of coffee-centric sounds and originally composed beats in binaural tones. These sounds influence the listener’s brain to create the same waves and relaxing elements experienced in meditation practices. This results in increased cognitive flexibility and studying concentration, helping the youth handle the mental pressure of keeping up with their homework and study regimes.

The innovative playlist was uploaded to multiple music and video streaming platforms, which could be easily accessed and listened to, especially while studying. NESCAFÉ RICOFFY 3in1’s Youth Month campaign communicated these sites and the benefits of binaural tones.

Listen to them here:

According to research, high levels of stress – such as those experienced by many of South Africa’s school going youth – can interfere with attention and reduce working memory, eventually leading to lower performance.

It affects their confidence, concentration, abilities and has a negative impact on their schooling and personal lives. Early experiences of anxiety and stress can also set a precedent for mental health problems in adulthood.

“NESCAFÉ RICOFFY 3in1’s brand promise is a great start to life,” said Boomtown CEO, Glen Meier.

“The positive impact binaural tones could have on the mental health of South Africa’s youth was a major factor in it deciding to throw its weight behind the Qala Manje FM campaign, not only because it could assist them perform well during their school years, but it could help ward off mental health problems as they got older.

“It’s an innovative initiative from a brand that truly has South Africa’s best interests at heart,” he said.

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