SCOPEN 2017 and the courage of House of Brave

AGENCY SCOPE 2017, the second annual report by Spanish-based independent research company SCOPEN and the Independent Agency Search & Selection Company (IAS), gives agencies first-hand feedback about marketer’s requirements, based on 217 hour-long, in-person interviews with Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) from 193 leading South African companies.

Among the top five was House of Brave and – notably – Rob van Rooyen, Vanessa Pearson and Andrew Shuttleworth were named by marketers and agencies as stand-out professionals in the industry.

After analysing 499 client/agency relationships and 152 agency professionals’ responses during the interviews undertaken between June and September 2017, SCOPEN’s President and CEO César Vacchiano says it was “fascinating to see how South African communications work, as well as the industry’s strong customer service ethic. It is also impressive to see how agencies here are investing in talent and tools to continually improve client satisfaction.”

As a young agency, House of Brave is strongly perceived to be innovative and creative around integration. AIS CEO Johanna McDowell notes, “House of Brave was shown by the research to be a top contender in the areas of research, innovation, and understanding both the client business and the consumer. This is high praise indeed from marketers, who understand the value of knowledge of this nature intimately.”

Vacchiano says: “House of Brave shows a great strength in using research, understanding clients’ businesses, understanding the consumer; as well as senior managers getting involved in the accounts, having a good professional team and being innovative. These are key assets for clients, and what enabled the agency to be highly ranked.”

Results of the analysis reinforced House of Brave’s position in the top five as an agency with first-rate strategic planning and digital effectiveness, and senior management involvement with accounts and clients was seen as a key strength.

In an agency arena that is changing and growing rapidly, the foundation on which House of Brave stands makes it a young agency that has already made its mark on the landscape.


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