House of Brave Announces Strategic Rebranding

The House of Brave, part of the Brave Group, today announced a major rebranding emphasising its independent status as majority Black-owned South African marketing and brand communication agency.

This transformation showcases the agency’s commitment to understanding the evolving South African consumer and setting the course for the future.

A key highlight of this journey is the agency’s remarkable recent client growth. Serving corporate giants such as Momentum, Transnet, Tiger Brands, BP, Bidvest, African Bank, Eskom and Wits, it has solidified its footprint in the South African market.

The rebranding aligns with the agency’s strategic vision anchored in its purpose of “Shared Value through Creativity.”

Group CEO, Musa Kalenga says: “Our recent big bets have involved the integration of our digital operation Motherboard and House of Brave. The rationale behind this move is to present a united front, ensuring we meet our clients’ demands in this rapidly evolving digital era.”

Kalenga says the rebranding strategy is meticulously crafted to represent an integrated, future-fit business. Investments in digital transformation through technology partnerships, such as with, play a pivotal role in this vision.

Focused on driving client innovation in areas like banking, insurance, and FMCG, Kalenga adds: “Our priority is to not just adapt but to lead in these sectors, forging paths that others will follow.”

The rebranding also underscores the agency’s commitment to attract and retain top-tier talent, critical to maintaining its edge in the industry.

Group Chair, Andile Khumalo says: “From our inception, we have embarked on a relentless journey, guided by the principles of bravery, innovation, and authenticity. Our rebranding is not merely a face-lift, but a genuine representation of the growth, grit, and determination we have shown over the years.

Reflecting on the journey, Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Shuttleworth says: “From our humble beginnings, our commitment has been to challenge the status quo and stay true to our heritage of bravery. Today, our rebranding is not just a change of visual identity, but a testament to the growth and momentum we’ve achieved.”

Thibedi Meso Group Chief Creative Officer says: “This is a coming of age for the agency, which was founded as an ATL agency and has in recent years grown into an integrated one.

We are in an era that requires bravery, more than ever before. The CI itself is a brave move and sets the tone for how we will show up in the next 12 years; braver, bolder, edgier. “

Looking ahead, the agency is poised to usher in a new era, championing its values, and leading the way in South Africa’s advertising and marketing space.


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