SCOPEN 2017: Demographica hits top spot in several key areas

If reaching top positions in both account management and the professionalism of its team is notable, Demographica topped that achievement by ranking number one in several other sectors of the SCOPEN 2017 research results too.

Says Johanna McDowell, CEO of the IAS, which partnered with Spanish-based independent research company SCOPEN to produce AGENCY SCOPE 2017: “To achieve results like this in such a rigorous research process is incredible. Demographica showed how innovative thinking and commitment to strategy is seen both by their peers and by marketers.”

Topping the charts for understanding the consumer, providing a quality strategy and thinking beyond traditional advertising, Demographica also took first place for providing original creative ideas and innovation.

Based on the information received from 217 hour-long, face-to-face interviews with Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) from 193 leading South African companies and analysis of 499 client/agency relationships and 152 agency professionals’ responses during the interviews undertaken between June and September 2017, Demographica’s core strengths are considered to be activation and client satisfaction.

SCOPEN’s President and CEO César Vacchiano says: “The company also placed first in marketing services and direct marketing and was lauded for knowing how to map the customer journey.

“One of the challenges for the future mentioned by marketers is finding agencies that understand consumer journey. We notice that agencies in South Africa are not strong in this area, and Demographica has a big competitive advantage leading this attribute and the whole territory of marketing services. As leader in direct marketing company, this understanding of B2B businesses drives Demographica into a unique position among other agencies.”

Marketing professionals involved in the in-depth interviews conducted are those who engage on an ongoing basis in the decision-making process for selecting and approving their agencies’ work, making this feedback important for future growth and client attraction.

Global agency consultant SCOPEN interviews some 3 000 CMOs across 12 markets around the world every year, and works with over 500 agencies. “To see results like this is impressive,” says Vacchiano. “It has also been heartening to see how agencies in South Africa are investing in talent and tools that enable them to continually improve client satisfaction, in which Demographica ranked third.”

In an industry that changes rapidly, keeping pace requires great commitment. Leading the pack in so many areas, though, requires true innovation and dedication. Demographica’s results show that putting clients first in every area, from accounting through to activation, pays great dividends.

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