Takealot.com teams up with M&C Saatchi Abel to spread Christmas cheer


Takealot.com and M&C Saatchi are challenging the South African retail sector with a Christmas campaign that turns the formulaic, Eurocentric festive season advertising we have become accustomed to on its head.

The campaign features Sibusiso, the kasi kid who is always ready to help his family – even if that simply means showing them a better way to shop online with Takealot.com. In the latest instalment of Sibusiso’s story, we’re introduced to his gogo and her carer, Cynthia. Sibusiso loves spoiling his granny, and brings a gift every time he visits her. Naturally, as a proud grandmother, his gogo loves showing Cynthia her latest loot. Then, one day, Gogo uses her most recent present – a cellphone – to make a mystery transaction. A few days later, the doorbell rings. It’s a delivery from Talealot.com. As Cynthia prepares to hand over the parcel to Gogo, the old lady invites her to take a seat, and passes back the present.  Robert Grace, Head of Strategy at M&C Saatchi Abel points out that the campaign suits the national mood at this time perfectly. “The festive season obviously presents an opportunity for brands to present work that will really make them stand out – and not just in the sense of moving product. At the moment, we could do with commercials that have a unifying or nation building effect; some good old-fashioned storytelling – but stories that are authentic, and not a sunny version of a European Christmas. This ad, with its message about the joy of giving, is a case in point.” More than this, he says, by emphasising South African values and characteristics, it creates a sense of pride around who we are as a nation. In this way, it is more than simply an advertising campaign.

Imbued with the same charm and simplicity that has made the other commercials featuring Sibusiso instant favourites, the latest TVC directed by Michael Middleton for Jump Productions once again showcases just how easy it is to shop online with Takealot.com.

“This work is testament to the fantastic partnership we have with our client. You don’t challenge a category as cluttered as this without total trust and belief in each other. I’m really proud of this authentic South African work that is making online shopping more accessible to all South Africans. We’re really excited for next year as we continue to evolve from South Africa’s largest e-tailer, to one of the country’s largest retailers,” concludes Gordon Ray, Executive Creative Director at M&C Saatchi Abel.


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