Six tips for creating stand-out videos

They’re young and at the top of the competitive game of video production; they’re Chace Geyer and Devin Risely, a team of two entrepreneurs who just six months ago launched the rapidly-growing CBR Productions, affiliated to CBR Marketing Solutions.Taking a distinctly cinematic approach to corporate and social media videos, along with their full in-house production team, they are producing 40 to 50 attention-grabbing, high quality videos per month, for a wide range of local and international brands.

Here are their top tips for companies aiming to strengthen their brands with impossible-to-ignore videos that will stand out from the crowd on various digital platforms.

  1. Find new ways and angles to film, to deliver a result with more interesting and dynamic shots.
  2. Discuss and develop ideas with the entire team involved in creating the video, making sure everyone knows what is needed to produce the best quality video.
  3. New equipment can impact how a video is shot or produced and can add fun to the filming and the end result. Constant updating of equipment is necessary to stay relevant and up-to-date in creating videos.
  4. Make more, shorter videos. Rather than creating one ‘says it all’ video that will have a limited lifespan, make several shorter, quick and easy-to-view videos that can be released over a period, keeping the brand fresh and entertaining in the public eye and meeting the recommended standard for social media videos.
  5. Follow lots of social media pages on Instagram and Facebook to see what’s new, what’s trending, what’s appealing, and what’s happening.
  6. Always stay true to the brand. Everything about the video must embody the brand essence, while still being attention-grabbing and entertaining.

To view examples of CBR Productions’ work go to and or call Devin Risely or Chace Geyer on 011 219 5960.


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