MullenLowe creates love campaign for isiXhosa language project

It has been said that isiXhosa is the language of love. So when MullenLowe was approached to create a campaign for Imbeko, an NGO that connects Xhosa teachers with those wanting to learn the language, they came up with a love song. They teamed up with Afro-Pop sensation Ntando Bangani and made a video of him teaching people his hit song “Dali”.

Kirk Gainsford, EDC at MullenLowe South Africa says: “The client had seen some of the work we do and called us, we listened and agreed that our country needs organisations like these. They teach Xhosa but also create jobs for people who become the tutors. We have created a look and feel for them and created radio campaigns, but this became a special project when one of our creatives told us that isiXhosa is known as the most romantic language.

Where does that leave us non isiXhosa speakers in February, the month of love? We wanted to help Imbeko get further traction for the great work that they do. We approached Ntando to work with us on the project and he was excited to do it.”

Fun was had with a number of people eager to serenade the object of their affections, learning the song “Dali” with the help of Bangani. Some were quick learners and showcased their hidden singing talents, while others took a while longer to get into the rhythm of things.

Watch the exciting and romantic moments that this isiXhosa song created….

Imbeko is a not for profit organisation that encourages the learning, teaching and speaking of the isiXhosa language. A language lives with the people who speak it. It is kept alive through the spoken word, through dialogue and through song.  Keep the romance of isiXhosa alive and sign up to learn or teach Xhosa at

More about Imbeko

Imbeko is an online platform which aims to connect South Africans who are passionate about the country and helps them learn new languages through a 15-week course assisted by a skilled tutor at any convenient location.



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